How to add a KPI block in admin pages

A KPI block (also called KPI row) is shown here:

KPI Block

You can follow these steps to easily add a KPI row to a modern page:

  • Define your KPI classes:

    • You can use one of existing KPI classes, from PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Adapter\Kpi namespace,
    • You can create new classes - they must implement the PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Core\Kpi\KpiInterface
  • Define a KPI row factory service in src/PrestaShopBundle/Resources/config/services/core/kpi.yml

    Example from translations page:

        class: PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Core\Kpi\Row\KpiRowFactory
            - '@prestashop.adapter.kpi.enabled_languages'
            - '@prestashop.adapter.kpi.main_country'
            - '@prestashop.adapter.kpi.translations'
    The KPI row factory accepts an unlimited number of arguments, each argument being a KPI that will be built into a KPI row.
  • Build the KPI row in your controller’s action and assign it to twig by returning it:

get('prestashop.core.kpi_row.factory.your_page'); return [ // Assign the built KPI row to the view 'kpiRow' => $kpiRowFactory->build(), ... ]; } ``` * The final step is to render the KPI row with Twig, using `renderKpiRow` method from `CommonController` and passing it to the previously assigned `kpiRow` variable: ```twig {# This also works in Admin module controllers #} {% block translations_kpis_row %}
{{ render(controller( 'PrestaShopBundle:Admin\\Common:renderKpiRow', { 'kpiRow': kpiRow } )) }}
{% endblock %} ``` ## Alter an existing Kpi row
A hook allows you to alter the list of an existing Kpi row of the Back Office. This hook is dynamic and is dispatched after the *Kpi row identifier*. For instance, with a Kpi row identified by "foo": ```php
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