You are encouraged to add both unit and functional tests for every new class you have created.

You must add a smoke test (also called “survival”) for every new page you migrate.

Smoke testing

A smoke test is a really simple and basic test that ensure the page will load with the right HTTP code. This won’t ensure the page will works as expected but if the test fails, this ensure the page is not functional.

To add a new test, you need to add a new entry in the Data Provider of SurvivalTest class:


namespace LegacyTests\Integration\PrestaShopBundle\Controller\Admin;
// ...
 * @group demo
 * To execute these tests: use "./vendor/bin/phpunit -c tests-legacy/phpunit-admin.xml --filter=SurvivalTest" command.
class SurvivalTest extends WebTestCase
    // [...]

    public function getDataProvider()
        return [
            'symfony_route_of_page' => ['Page title', 'symfony_route_of_page'],
            // ...