Final steps

1. Update API stream for 1-click upgrade

This should only be done for stable releases.

(i.e. if not for betas and RCs).

This step requires special rights.

Ask a maintainer from the PrestaShop Company with administrative rights on the PrestaShop API repository to perform this step.

Once this step is done, update the Release Tracker GitHub issue by ticking the “Available for upgrade” box.

2. Create Docker images for the new version

  • Checkout the project and create a new branch
  • Modify the file to add the new version and the related php matrix compatibility
  • Commit these changes
  • Run generate to generate the new Dockerfiles in the folder images/ (See documentation)
  • Commit these changes
  • Push to your fork or the original repository, create a PR and wait for the tests to pass before merging.
  • Someone with owner access to PrestaShop Docker Hub organization will have to push the new images to Docker Registry.

This process is manual, but the Docker images and the projects using them are automatically updated.

It may take a few hours for the images to be updated.

You can update the Release Tracker GitHub issue: step “Docker image” is done.

3. Go through the checklist

  • Check the PrestaShop API content for auto-upgrade module is correct:

  • Check the PrestaShop localization packs are correct (only needed for major and minor releases):

  • Check the Addons API content for fresh installs is correct (replace with the version you just released):

  • Check the new release can be downloaded from the website and GitHub:

  • Check that if you try to install PrestaShop 1.7.5 from the archive, the installer suggests you install the latest version instead

  • Check that the release note has been published on the Build Blog

  • Check that the shows the right “latest version”, and the links are correct

  • Check that the latest release has an available docker image on the Docker repository

  • Check that the public demo runs on the latest version (a few hours after the docker image release)


The release is now complete, you can close the Relese Tracker GitHub issue.